What kind of relationship is this?

Q:hi,can i be ur friend?

Q:hi,i love u.can u accept me?
X:i don’t love u.
Q:Please give me a chance.
Q:I’ll love u from the bottom of my heart.
X:hmm..ok.let’s try.
(After some time)
Q:X…tell the world that u love me…

Q:X…show me that u love me.
X:ok. (Try to entertain Q)

X:Q…show me that u love me.
Q:Nothing to show.

X:Q…can i put i’m in relationship with u in my fb?
Q:wait.lets make new fb account for me. Then we can be in relationship.
Q’s fb:in relationship.
(After some times,mula gaduh)
Q’s fb:divorce.
(After gaduh)
Q’s fb:divorce
X:why u put devorce?

Q:call me…
(X call)

(X call)
Q:don’t call me.wait me to bagitau first.

(X don’t call)
Q: why u don’t call?

(Before, at 11pm)
Q:what are u doing?
Q:why u don’t wait for me?
(After,at 11pm)
X:why u don’t call?
Q:u sleep.

(X tell about W)
Q:u like W?
X:no la…just friend.
Q:W like u?
X:no…just friend.
Q:don’t friend with W. I don’t like

(Q tell about G)
X:u like G?
Q:no la..just friend.
X:G like u?
Q:G loves me.
X:don’t friend with G.
Q:we just friend la…

Q:u still friend with W?
Q:choose me or W.
X:u still friend with G?
Q:yes…bla bla bla….G this….G that….
X:don’t friend with G.
Q:we just friend la.


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